Why Choose Us?

HGIS provide clear, concise, accurate, comprehensive and easy to read inventories. We aim to provide our clients with the highest standard inventories with high quality photographs. We are full members of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) and have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance with Hiscox.

In addition to the information and usually provided by an inventory company, we also offer two further services:

With landlords renting properties with ever improved outdoor areas, (that have often subject to considerable investment in time and money), HGIS are pleased to be able to offer the services of a RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) qualified horticulturist who can identify and importantly properly catalogue the individual plants in your garden or patio. With many tenants, having little or no gardening experience, their inability to tend for your garden can ultimately cost you thousands of pounds in damaged or dead plants. What sets us apart from other inventory companies is our knowledge and experience with plants as we can provide tenants with a maintenance plan to keep your mature plants and outdoor areas in the best possible condition hopefully ensuring you return to a garden (that may have taken many years of work to create), in the same condition you left it.

HGIS’ second speciality service calls upon the skills and experience of our in-house BADA (British Antique Dealers’ Association) member who by drawing on 40 years of experience in International Fine Arts will catalogue and photograph your antiques and works of art, describing them (and their condition) in similar detail to that seen in the catalogues of London’s top auction houses.